“Discovering The Song of Your Soul”

Transformational Life Sessions offer a wide variety of modalities to assist you in discovering the Song of Your Soul and being able to implement it in this world.

Each person is born with unique gifts and talents. Many of us do not know what they are and feel frustrated or lost. Have you ever had that knowing that you were here to do something but do not know what? Or do you already have a life dream, and do not know how to manifest it?

Individual appointments with Kathryn Leeman, Ph.D. help you to discover what it is and how to do it.
Some of the modalities Kathryn uses in Transformation Life Sessions are:

  • Aura & Chakra Photography (1 hr session with a 23 page report)
  • Guided Meditations to learn how to listen and trust your Inner Voice
  • Past life or inner journey work to be able to communicate directly with your Soul
    Day Dream, Middle Dream and Night Dream interpretations
  • Discovering your Sacred Contract with your Soul through Archetypes
  • Biofeedback sessions to help release the ego’s Resistance to Change & Emotional
  • Biofeedback sessions on Creating your Destiny
  • Discovering your Soul Food
  • How to use Music to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities to hear your Soul
  • And so much more!

A Transformational Life Session and consultation helps you to determine which modalities you would benefit the most. This is not a rush, quick fix process. Discovering the Song of Your Soul is one of the most important things you could possibly do in this life. Implementing it ultimately brings more peace and joy into your life.

Kathryn has been in the Transformational Awareness field for over 30 years, starting with her own personal journey. As she went on to discover her own unique Song(s) {yes, there can be more than one}, she realized that her main melody was to assist other people in discovering theirs!

Please call Kathryn at (951) 313-8541 for a consultation or if you have any questions.

For More Information Please Contact Kathryn at (951) 313-8541 or by email:

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Some recent feedback …

“… a glimmer of how I operate and express my life through my archetypes. Opens up a whole new adventure!”

“A wealth of knowledge, which excites me to delve deeper into myself.”

“… the water is being soaked up into the newly awakened sponge of my Being!”

“Insight into understanding self better and to make the soul evolution easier to – not
as chaotic. Glad my soul chose to be here, because I tried to find every excuse not to!”

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