The Fire of Remembrance... - Guided Mediation CD

“Through the practice of meditation with Fire of Remembrance, I journey to sacred places where my spirit becomes one with the universe. As I leave my body on the sandy shore next to the crackling fire, I soar through the galaxies to my soul star and drink of the nectar of intuitive knowledge. I return filled with love, clarity and compassion. Each sojourn deepens my appreciation of self and the gift of my essence on this planet. I give thanks for Kathryn’s melodic voice and loving heart that invites my soul to dance with the stars. I am grateful for this mediation that simplifies the challenges of daily life and illuminates the purpose of my being.” ~ DS

“I have really enjoyed this cd. It helped me through many nights when I am lying in bed with alot of pain. I just put this cd on and it helps me take my mind off of it. Usually I do not like guided meditations, but this one is just so peaceful and calm and it is so detailed that you can really picture myself on the beach, and the fire, and all of the different colors. It is so wonderful and calming, as it helps relax all my muscles and reduce the pain. ~ SL in Ellsworth, ME


“Very good at what she does. Predictions always have the potential to change due to our free will, however the vast majority of Kathryn’s predictions have been so accurate as they’ve come to pass in short amount of time. I’m always contacting her back to let her know that yet another aspect of the reading was correct.  She’s great at honing in on a name and/or situation and providing info on what she sees from Spirit and also great at coupling the reading the spiritual advice and insight to move one in the direction towards creating what they want out of their life journey.” ERH

Healing Heart™ Retreats

Thanks to the Healing Heart ™ Retreats…

“… my son is back in my life and my relationships with my daughters are better than ever.” ~ (PS)

“… the results have been that I am now cancer free. I have opened my own business and look forward to life everyday.”~ (PH)

“… I have learned to find peace within myself and be happy with who I am instead of sccumbing to addictions.”~ (NP)

“… my whole life has changed. I am no longer dependent on another for security. I have realized my life dream.”~ (JH)

“… for the first time I’m truly beginning to feel like I have a spiritual purpose to my life.” ~ (MB)

“… my business has more than doubled. I am now making more money than I thought possible.”~ (NS)

Mother's Lap

“I have had the most wonderful experiences  during the Mothers Lap. The information is not only accurate but given in a way that is loving and supportive. When ever I feel the need , The Mother is who I go to for counsel , warmth and affirming my souls desire…” – Laurel

Natural Mysticism™

Natural Mysticism Journey’s™

“learned how to be more spiritually “awake” and take those tools home with me. Kathryn, thank you so for such a wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to the next adventure. I will not go back to sleep.”
~ Pam, Hawaii

Completing the Natural Mysticism™ course has enabled me to…

“…be so much more aware of my thinking and feeling process. I now have tools to better understand the spiritual growth I am experiencing. The importance is in the journey. ~JH

“…open my heart and to take a stand for myself. It has given me the courage and strength to be real and not be what others think I should be. I encourage anyone who is ready to change that this is the place to do it! It has given me a whole new meaning to life.” ~Danielle

…know that love is the most important thing. We are all connected to everyone and everything. The larger the collective healing the greater the results. ~Fred

“…cleanse myself of negativity and rid myself of what is no longer working in my life… to make room for what is and will be working. Learning to stand tall and say within my sacred hoop while speaking the truth without negativity and blame or judgement.” ~Dawn

“…have hope that I am part of something greater than myself… that I have meaning and purpose in the whole concept of life here and hereafter.” ~Betty

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