Spiritual Women’s Retreats™

Women have gathered together in groups all over the world since the beginning of humanity in order to nurture and support each other. In our culture today, there is a deficit of these tyWoman_and_foggy_mountain-403x181pes of gatherings; i.e. the type that can fill the heart and soul of women who give out so much to their families, friends and communities.

Look around and you will see women everywhere multi-tasking with high stress levels, and looks of exhaustion on their faces. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors with diverse backgrounds and belief structures. We can find support in the divine grace of just being to together. These retreats are structured with some group laughing, singing, dancing, story-telling, arts and crafts, eating, drumming, ceremonies or whatever comes up in the present moment for healing and replenishing. Then there is also time for personal meditation and reflection, napping, walking in nature, etc. Often times we make and decorate masks of our inner goddess nature (very easy to do), or some time of soul-expressive artwork that reflects the language of the soul (no artistic talent required or needed).

Inner journey work is also an important exercise that produces some dramatic insights for each individual, as they listen to the language of their soul. I have been leading women’s retreats internationally for over 20 years, and studied with prominent women from diverse cultures from around the world. Angles Arrien Ph.D, Hazel Denning Ph.D., Grandmother Twylah Nitsch of the Seneca tribe, Caroline Myss, Esther Hicks, Jean Houston and Marianne Williamson to name a few.

No two retreats are alike. Each one is a unique experience, with all leading to transformative experiences when we are open to receiving.  These retreats are nowhere duplicated in the world.

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“The deep and sacred work I have had the privilege of doing with Kathryn around the healing of my own Feminine essence has been powerful and continues to have great impact on my life. The retreats and workshops have taken me deep into how I relate to my sisters (other women), how I relate to my lover, and most importantly how I relate to myself. Whether it has been deep in the womb of the Big Island of Hawaii or the beautiful mountains of West Virginia… my experiences have been profound and life changing. Kathryn’s deep heart, great wisdom, powerful warrior spirit and real life experiences makes her a wonderful teacher and healer especially in the realm of the feminine mystique. I would encourage anyone who has a deep desire to explore, heal and reconnect to her feminine heart to follow Kathryn into realm of the Divine Feminine that exists in women everywhere.” ~CN

“The women’s Goddess Retreat holds such sacred memories for me; cradled in a loving and safe environment I journeyed into the soul of the sweet, loving, divine feminine. Meeting the essence of who I am, I also stood as witness to the emerging Goddess of my tribal sisters. Circles of angelic voices arose through our song, and bodies swayed with the rhythm vibration of melody. A space deep within my being was created and has become a wellspring of compassion, understanding, and adoration for self and sisterhood. I now carry this retreat within my soul and can access its transformational power at any moment. I often call this the “still point” of my existence now, that place of peace that transcends personal boundaries and connects me with the feminine DNA of womanhood throughout the galaxies. As a life-long student in pursuit of self-understanding and healing, the Goddess Retreat provided direct access to my heart, melting pain, anguish, and confusion while by-passing traditional forms of counseling and therapy that risks entrapment in analytical judgments and separation. The divine feminine is a powerful essence that emerges in the Retreat through communion, unveiling our collective ability to heal self and others through being whom we really are”. ~DS

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