Healing Heart Retreats™

Healing Heart Retreats™ are available in three-day, five-day, seven-day and ten-day intensives. The longer the retreat, the deeper the healing, and the more profound the connection becomes to your soul. You get to meet, greet and experience the soul that you truly are!

Spiritual Women’s Retreats™

Women have gathered together in groups all over the world since the beginning of humanity in order to nurture and support each other. In our culture today, there is a deficit of these types of gatherings; i.e. the type that can fill the heart and soul of women who give out so much to their families, friends, and communities.

Modern Mysticism™

“Walking the Path of our Authentic Nature” is a cross-cultural educational and year long experiential course in the study of Self, designed to assist and support those who have a deep desire to walk the path of their Authentic Nature.

Psychic Development Classes

Have you every wondered whether you have psychic abilities? Do you find yourself getting flashes of insights, dreams or premonitions? Regretted not following your gut feelings? Come learn how to use your gifts/talents with integrity, wisdom and grace.

Meditation Classes

Meditation made easy! Release stress for your health and well-being. No former training or “empty mind” required.


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