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I have been doing psychic readings professionally for over 30 years. Born with the natural abilities to do such, I also received training from various institutions in Scotland and the United States, as well in my travels abroad working with shamans and medicine peoples. I have had some phenomenal teachers and mentors, and continue to this day to work on my spiritual and psychic development and evolution. Therefore, I use all four psychic modalities to do my readings – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. I have also volunteered my services with undercover law enforcement agencies and high media profiled individuals.

I only use a pendulum. Sometimes people bring or send me pictures, which can add a little bit of information, yet not really necessary. To get the most out of your reading have a list of prepared questions, which create a focus and direction for you to get answers to the areas you desire. After that is finished, you can then ask to receive any other direction that would be in your highest and best interest. I work with your guides, angels, loved ones, animal familiars, or whomever wants to make themselves known at the time of the reading.

Readings are done in my office, over the phone or Skype. I do not do them by email, as it takes too long to type out the answers. If desired, sessions are recorded on standard CDs or in mp3 format.

Any genuine psychic who really cares about helping others, will always try to be the best they can be by clearing up their own traumas and dramas, so as not to project them onto other people’s readings. That being said, there is no psychic that is ever 100% correct – even Edgar Cayce was purported to be 85% accurate at his best. There is also no such thing as ‘set in stone’ for whatever a psychic tells you; and if you discover the readings are creating fear, get up and leave. That is a psychic vampire, preying on your fears and wanting you to give them more money or evils might befall you! so they say….NOT TRUE! Take your power back and leave. No one can take your power, unless you give it to them. As far as I am concerned, these are charlatans that give a bad impression for the rest of us psychics, who truly have the desire to help others get over their fears and empower them.

Scroll down now to the appointment request below, or if you wish you may continue reading little tidbits of my personal journey within the psychic realm over in the section on the right.

For More Information Please Contact Kathryn at (951) 313-8541 or by email:

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A story from my personal journey …

“I have always been psychic – just didn’t know it. My mother said that at a very early age I was talking about seeing things that were not supposedly there to anyone else, having conversations with others on the other side of the veil, and experiencing prophetic and instructional dreams. Fortunately for me, she did not think I was crazy. Her grandmother also had these abilities, but due to the religious man she married, it became taboo. At the age of nine years old, my mom gave me my first pendulum. It came with the old Kreskin’s ESP game. I was thrilled!!”

“The age of nine continued to be a turning point in my psychic development. Women used to come to my mother’s house for coffee in the morning, and sometimes would ask for me to help take their headaches or other aches and pains away. Having received instructions in how to use my hands in my dreams, I would follow what I was told. It always worked — until one day …”

“A woman that I considered to be my second mother, who frequently suffered from migraines and benefitted from having me work on her, was emanating a beautiful aura one day after a ‘healing’ session. I had no idea what the colors meant, and in my child like innocence asked. She whipped around and pointed a finger at me, and said “Don’t you ever ask that or see that again! That is the work of the devil!” Well, I was so taken aback and got so frightened, that I jumped up and ran the mile to church. I was in shock.”

“Shaking, I opened the big church door (they weren’t locked in those days). I went up to the crucifix and sobbed, asking Jesus to forgive me, because He couldn’t come to me anymore in my dreams to show me how to use my hands. I was convinced that people were going to come and get me, and do to me what they did to him. I then left the church with my eyes on the ground, no longer looking up to ‘heaven’ and went into ‘hiding’. A dark depression set in, and the once laughing carefree little girl was no more. As I got older, addictions set in along with suicidal thoughts. Of course, I never shared this with anyone until the age of 28, when I hit bottom. The agony I suffered I would wish on no one.”

“I then saw an ad for a class at a place called the Psychic Church of Science. It was offering healing prayers and running psychic development circles. Scared out of my mind, I mustered the courage to go to a meeting. The short story is that I was welcomed in, and thus began my healing journey back to my authentic Self. I learned that if one tries to stuff down their original nature, it has no choice but to send you into a dark night of the soul in hopes there will be surrender enough to say YES. I have been helping others ever since, and believe that one of the greatest problems with addictions is that it is the shadow side of the Mystic archetype. As I developed the Mystic, the Addict goes back into the closet.”



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