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Psychic Channelings & Akashic Record Readings

Please note: Channeling sessions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please seek the advice of a qualified health professional.

Everyone, at some time or another, has wished that there were some answers to deep questions that burn within, such as:

Who am I? – What is my purpose in life?

There are also issues regarding relationships, love, family, career, finances and well-being, which can be addressed in the session.

What are the akashic records? Our soul imprints information onto the astral plane – aka a non-physical location (like the Cloud for computers). All one’s thoughts, words and actions past, present and future are placed in this astral library. Up until now, we did not have memory of it while walking this Earth, because we would not be able to continue our evolution. Instead, we decided how to navigate this world the best we could and sometimes we needed assistance.

There are moments when we all experience the feeling of getting lost, or perhaps need some extra clarity or confirmation that we are headed in the right direction.  Kathryn tunes into your personal akash, relays the information she sees through readings or channelings and helps to guide you.

Her changelings are usually allowing the Archetypal energies of the Divine Master Teachers to come through to give you a personal message, and allow you to ask questions. There is usually transmission of energy given to you, if you so desire, from the one she is accessing. Frequently, it is the Divine Mother. See her page on the Mother’s Lap for more information.

She also assists you in getting in touch with your guides and master spiritual teachers. Many people have felt relief and much lighter after a reading or channeling.

New Clients can use Coupon Code: ESP-New for a $15.00 discount at Checkout for your 1st Session.

For More Information Please Contact Kathryn at (951) 313-8541 or by email:

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