Transformational Life Coaching

Are you ready to change your life? Give yourself the opportunity to find, develop and execute your life purpose and desires!

Mother’s Lap™

Mother’s Lap sessions are channeled and include messages of inspiration which Kathryn Leeman schedules as she is guided. Some channelings are conducted as solitary sessions and some include guests and interactive Q&A opportunities.

Psychic Consultation

At a crossroads in your life? In need of answers? Trying to discover your life dream or how to manifest it? Readings in person, on the phone or Skype.

Transformational Life™ Sessions

Discover what are the archetypal influences you chose to be born under (fate) and then learn how to manage them and invoke news ones, thus creating your destiny!

Past Life or Future Life Sessions

Through guided meditations using very special music get your own answers to questions such as – What is my purpose in life? Why do I continue to attract the same type of job or relationship over and over? Why did I end up with the parents I did? And more. Believing in past lives is not a requirement.


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