Growth conceptARE YOU PSYCHIC?

Have you ever wondered whether you have psychic abilities? Do you find yourself getting flashes of insights, dreams or premonitions? How about having a gut feeling and finding out later your intuition was right (and you would kick yourself for not following your own advice!)

Now is the time to discover your gifts and potentials and start to develop them! Whether in a group setting or individual sessions these are a few of the topics that will be discussed.

  • What is ESP and do you have it
  • The difference between having Intuition and being Psychic
  • Are you predominately Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient or Claircognizant
  • How to develop them all
  • How to protect yourself from Psychic Vampires
  • Psychic Clearings
  • How to use a Pendulum correctly
  • Understanding the nature of your Dreams
  • What roles our Body, Mind and Emotions play in being a good Psychic?
  • How to communicate with the Spirit World, including guides, angels, etc.
  • Getting rid of fears and misnomers about the unseen world
  • How to ‘see’, ‘feel’, ‘hear’, ‘know’ Auras & Chakras

This is a six week beginner’s course, though not limited to beginners. There are more advanced classes for those who would like to gather and use the collective energies of the group to generate vibrations of health and well-being, aka prayer groups; as well as explore the deeper realms of the unseen worlds.

This is NOT a cult of any kind, and our only intention is to use our Divinely given gifts and talents in love, light, joy and peace as a way to assist others in pure positive energy.

The next class begins Monday evening, June 29th, at 7:00pm – 8:30pm (sometimes 9:00) and goes to August 3rd. All six weeks must be attended, and once the class starts no newcomers are allowed. This is due to the dynamics of the group energies that need to be consistent in order to build a vortex of energy to work within. Cost is $125 if paid in full before or at the first class or $25 per class otherwise. No refunds even if one drops out of the class. Only serious students apply please. For individual training please note in your email or when you call.

For More Information Please Contact Kathryn at (951) 313-8541 or by email:

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Kathryn Leeman, Ph.D. teaches this Psychic Development Course. She has been involved in the field of Parapsychology for over 40 years. She has studied and developed her own skills with the help of Shamans, Indigenous Medicine Peoples, various teachers and healers, Universities and diverse schools and organizations. She worked with Dr. Hazel Denning, during the last 20 years of Dr. Denning’s life, who founded the International Transpersonal Parapsychologist Movement for psychologists, psychiatrists, and health professionals in the 1920s.

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