Modern Mysticism™

Year-Long Training Course

“Walking the Path of our Authentic Nature”

Modern Mysticism™ is a cross-cultural educational and experiential course in the study of Self, designed to assist and support those who have a deep desire to walk the path of their Authentic Nature. Each of us is created with unique gifts, talents, expressions and vision. To bring this Original Medicine into the world is one of our greatest gifts, as well as the most challenging in today’s reality. This is a powerful, healing and transformational journey which requires courage, discipline, and desire on behalf of the participant in order to experience the incredible benefits of walking in personal and professional authenticity, integrity and freedom. It helps create a rainbow bridge of communication between the personality and the soul, in order that each of us can walk the mystical path with practical feet.

Cross-culturally, each season of the year brings its own set of lessons, challenges and wisdom. Each has its own particular archetype to work with. We, as humans, are no different. In order to walk the path of our own Authentic Nature, we must also learn to walk in harmony with Mother Nature. Therefore, Modern Mysticism weekends usually take place once a season with an extra weekend for integration.

Listed below are a few of the areas that will be discussed, studied and experienced:

  • Recognizing, claiming and transcending archetypal influences, which subconsciously sabotage body, mind, emotions and spirit
  • Implementing the laws of spiritual detachment
  • Applying cross-cultural meditations, ceremonies, tools and wisdoms
  • Releasing outdated and harmful patterns, while claiming inner resources
  • Learning to resolve conflicts from a place of integrity
  • Aligning with Mother Nature and Her Ways
  • Meeting the Authentic Nature and Internal Guide

 Modern Mysticism™ is for the sincere seeker. It is time to walk the talk on this planet in order to so our part in creating wholeness and balance; however we must be willing to create it in ourselves along the way. Some of the tools we will use will be drumming, crystal bowls, other instruments, storytelling, meditations, mask making ………. and so much more. This course will give you many experiences which will shape-shift you forever.

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Completing Kathryn’s … Mysticism courses has enabled me to…

“…be so much more aware of my thinking and feeling process. I now have tools to better understand the spiritual growth I am experiencing. The importance is in the journey.” ~JH

“…open my heart and to take a stand for myself. It has given me the courage and strength to be real and not be what others think I should be. I encourage anyone who is ready to change that this is the place to do it! It has given me a whole new meaning to life.” ~Danielle

“…know that love is the most important thing. We are all connected to everyone and everything. The larger the collective healing the greater the results.” ~Fred

“…cleanse myself of negativity and rid myself of what is no longer working in my life… to make room for what is and will be working. Learning to stand tall and say within my sacred hoop while speaking the truth without negativity and blame or judgement.” ~Dawn

“have hope that I am part of something greater than myself… that I have meaning and purpose in the whole concept of life here and hereafter.” ~Betty

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