Transformational Life Coaching

A 7-Fold Life Purpose and Direction Course for
      Manifesting Your Life Desires

Here is the Course Overview:

1.  Defining Your True Desires: Parents, teachers, mentors, peers, media, et al. have given us ideas as to what we should want and accomplish in order to be successful. Yet, why is it that so many people are not happy even when they do? Not until YOU know our own heart & soul’s purpose, and manifest the desires you were really born to manifest will true happiness result.

2.  Increasing Your Sense of Deserving: The ‘I am not enough’ syndrome is the biggest lie we unconsciously collude to, and behind almost every single decision we ever make. You will get to discover exactly where in your life this lie has been programmed, and be able to release/replace it with the Truth – ‘You are more than enough!’

3.  Befriending Fears: There are always the ‘what if this happens or doesn’t happen… I will go broke, look like a fool, have people mad at me, lose my job’…. the endless list. A big secret is that this inner saboteur is really trying to protect you, yet going about it in the wrong way. Learn how to shift that around, and turn the saboteur into your magician!

4.  Changing to Your Perceptions: Everything boils down to a matter of perception. If people did not perceive things differently, we would never have varieties to choose from = dull, boring life. When you look at life through the unique lens of your own soul, creative visions and solutions come to the forefront. Want some magic in your life? Well, magic is nothing more than a change in perception, and every great magician knows that!

5.  Listening to Your Still, Small Voice: We were all born with an inner compass, yet many have lost their way due to being programmed not to trust it. Through a special kind of guided meditation and some other techniques you will find your way back home. Your true path will be revealed, and how you proceed will be shown to your by your soul – not your ego.

6.  Turning ‘Failures’ From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones: Behind every cloud is a silver lining. Discover what each one is and you will have an unprecedented ‘tool box’ to work with in manifesting your true desires.

7.  Creating a Support System while Harvesting Your Desires into Realities: According to Milton Olsen’s Lessons from Geese, (read the pdf here or watch the YouTube video here) we get where we want to go more quickly and easily when moving in a common direction. Most people are loners when they come to me for consult. However, once they meet a few other ‘loners’ moving in like direction, their process speeds up. A great side effect is that they have more fun along the way, while supporting and celebrating each other’s journey. This is not a group ‘therapy’ or anything of the sort. It turns into adventures that expand your world in amazing ways! Sometimes even traveling to remote places in the world!

Since we are all ‘original medicine’ nowhere duplicated on the planet, no two people get the course structure in the same way. That is what makes this different from all other systematic dream builder and law of attraction courses. You have your own holographic universe you revolve and resonate with, therefore having a distinctive blueprint. Let’s find that and the journey unfolds.

I have a very unique tool box of my own that I have gathered and gleaned over my 30 years of working with other people. Along with my university training and life experiences, I also use my work with other educated professionals, shamans and medicine peoples from all over the world to discover and use whatever is unique to your journey.

Procrastination is the biggest culprit of staying in a mediocre life. Let’s start now with making an appointment for a consultation to determine where to begin your freedom path!


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