What is a Past or Future Life Session?

A Past or Future Life Session is a tool used today in a variety of mind-body balancing modalities used among many professionals, who see it as a useful adjunct in assisting their clients to lives. Whether past or future lives are real or imaginary is not the point.

Some people look for answers to questions such as: What is my purpose in life? Why do I continue to attract the sameButterfly type of job or relationship over and over? Why did I end up with the parents I did? What does my future look like?

People’s memories are stored in various parts of the subconscious, including their desires for their future, and when one is relaxed enough they can access them and replace them with higher wisdom insights and feelings of a more positive nature. Using guided meditation and imagery, a skilled regression facilitator can assist the person into accessing their higher wisdom.

People do not have to have trauma in order to have one of these sessions. Sometimes a person wants to figure out what their purpose in life is, or what gifts and talents they possess, or desire to create a better future for themselves.
A common challenge that seems to surface for most people during a session is the negative, self-doubting mind voice. When this happens, I give a suggestion that will allow the person to continue to move forward with their experience.

I would like to say that I have witnessed the lives of many people, including my own, change for the better due to Past and Future Life Sessions. The risks are having to sacrifice guilt, shame, judgment, anger, blame, sadness, and many other negative emotions and perceptions. You can gain a greater clarity and wisdom due to a more enlightened perspective that you experience, thus creating a more positive future. Peace, joy, contentment, self-awareness and empowerment are some of the benefits!

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Here are some other frequently asked questions:

Q) What if I cannot be relaxed enough for this to be successful?

A) Generally everyone can be relaxed and taken through a guided imagery process to help access one’s inner source of wisdom. It is simple and easy.

Q) What if I cannot see anything?

A) A person can also sense, feel, or even hear their inner guidance. Q) What if I am just making it all up?

A) If there is a feeling of peace and resolve inside, than regardless of what came through, the insight was truthful for you. There is a moral to every story, including your own. The most important aspect is that the message was understood, and how it can facilitate you to having a healthier, happier life.

Q) I am nervous. Will this interfere with my ability to have a successful experience?

A) Most people feel anxiety, because they are afraid that some buried trauma will emerge that they will not be able to handle. I have yet to see this be the case during the years I have been facilitating these sessions. Humans seem to have an inbuilt safety mechanism that prevents them from remembering that which they cannot handle.

Q) Will I need more than one session?

A) Everyone is different. How much information a person is seeking, and how much information is revealed are some factors. Sometimes after a session a person wants to do another simply because new questions have surfaced. I like to see everyone after their very first session just to make sure they were able to integrate the information they received. I can then help to answer questions that may have arisen.

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