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Mother’s Lap™ has its roots in my experience with the Divine Mother in 1991 while visiting The Shrine of Our Lady church in Allötting, Bavaria. I was on a journey with 12 other people traveling through what was then known as the Czech Republic and surrounding areas to uncover and visit some of the dark skinned Madonnas in the area, that had been barbed wired just as the solidarity movement was coming to a close.

Upon entering this simple church, one could see this was a place of miracles. Crutches hanging on the walls, wheelchairs stacked up in the corner, along with letters and other artifacts testifying to the reality that people had received miraculous healings from visiting and praying here.

The church was full, so we sat down in a pew off to the side. When everyone was filing out, I lagged behind so I could spend a moment alone with Her. She and the baby Jesus were very dark skinned, made out of wood and decorated with jewels, robes, crowns and scepters in the style of a pope. She was far more “fancy” than the others I had seen thus far. She was fenced off from the public to keep them from taking things from Her.

Seeing no one around, I reached through the fence and softly touched Her. I had an electrical shock go through my body that landed me on the floor, and my head swirled with images and visions. Her voice rang through me clearly giving me information about my past and direction for my future. The power of Her love was beyond measure and I could not stop sobbing for hours. Following that occurrence, I could not look at Her in the form of another statue again without being reduced to weeping for long periods of times afterwards! To know that kind of Divine Love is the most humbling encounter one could ever experience. It truly is a fire that burns away all illusion of the material world.

Fast-forward to today – I see and hear Her many faces and images from many different cultures. Like anyone, I have a filter system around me that is made up of all my incarnations, belief system, vocabulary, education and experi-ences. The quality of the message depends on the clarity of the channeler’s filters. I have and continue to work very hard to keep my mind, heart and soul as clear as possible. I am human and therefore, not perfect. Please receive these messages in that awareness. If the messages resonate with you great! If not, throw them out and see if the next one does. I am not affiliated with any particular religion.

Many people have been able to smell Her scent of roses and/or be able to palpably feel the power of Her love in the room. We always have tissues! She usually delivers a message and then asks people if they have any questions or areas of concerns. I give thanks that you have taken this opportunity to sit with Her for a time. She is known to stretch and challenge people to move beyond their comfort zones. and what they have been programmed to believe. After all, She is the Mother, and She does what Mothers do best – love, protect and discipline Her loved ones.

“… To be present during a Mother’s Lap is truly a divine experience. There is a sacredness that permeates the space and all those present. The Mother’s messages are profound and meaningful. My sense of self – self love and compassion – is always raised, for she says often “If you could only see yourself as I see you.” If the Divine Mother sees me/us as divine beings, how can I not see myself/ourselves that way as well. At the last Mother’s Lap I attended, I felt such a strong feeling of love, more than I have ever experienced anywhere.” ∼ (JL)

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