Silver Gaia

We are here to support all on their journey of awakening, helping to guide you to your purpose. Dr. Brie helps you feel grounded, as she works with you in a light-hearted manner with joy and laughter. As she does the journey for others she teaches others to do the same. Silver Gaia LLC is here as a safe haven for all. We are glad you found your way here – let us help you embrace your own loving path.


The Audacious Ones

We are a new and growing Community of fun loving non-conformist and would be non-conformist who are ready to grab LIFE by its throat and shake it up! Sick and tired of waiting for permission to be who and what we are at our core, we shape our world rather than be molded by it. The A, B, Cs of Audacious Ones are Adventurous, Bold and Courageous, life begins just outside of our comfort zones!

Donate Life America

Currently more than 120,000 men, women and children are awaiting organ transplants to save their lives. Thousands more are in need of tissue and cornea transplants to restore their mobility and sight. Register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor today and provide hope to those who wait.

Evolutionary Soul Psychic

At a crossroads in your life? In need of answers? Trying to discover your life dream or how to manifest it? Evolutionary Soul Psychic Kathryn Leeman offers readings in person, on the phone or Skype.

The Peace Dragon

The Peace Dragon, the virtual galleries of “Art with a Heart for Peace.” Here is where artists have picked up their pens and paints, their feet, their beat, their scent and sense to transform the fiery image of the dragon back to its peaceful and loving origins.

Conscious Living Resource Center

Holistic healing means taking a holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle.

Lindsay Wagner

The workshops and retreats have developed out of my personal experience and many years of studying both Western and Eastern modalities. One of the most empowering realizations I’ve had is that, our experience of any life circumstance is a function of our perspective, more than the circumstance itself; that as our perspective changes so does our experience.


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