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The Healing Heart Retreats™ began in 1988 in Running Springs, CA. I created the retreats to assist people in healing the wounds buried deep inside their hearts, and in transforming the false beliefs held within their minds. These wounds and belief systems prevent us from living our life dreams.

Over the past several years I have traveled in the United States and abroad offering these retreats and witnessing incredible transformations in individuals, couples and families. As one of my teachers once said, “We are all members of the scar clan.” We also desire one thing – to love and be loved unconditionally. This desire created in me the passion to love, to serve, to remember and to help heal, transform and transmute those scars. It is our birth right to be joyfully creative Beings as much as possible. It has truly been an honor to watch others unfold their true nature.

Imagine yourself being gently guided through an awakening, healing process created just for you. Imagine being sung to with your own special song and gently rocked by the collective as you are literally floating on their fingertips. Imagine singing, dancing, story-telling, drumming and celebrating each other. Imagine hearing voices cheering you on to your healing and the roars of celebration upon your arrival! Imagine wholesome food in your belly and strolling in Mother Nature. Imagine blissful silence where Spirit is profoundly felt deep in your heart, mind and soul. Now take that all out of your imagination and know it is a reality for you, if you are ready to be awakened, healed and celebrated just for being you!

Healing Heart Retreats™ are available in three-day, five-day, seven-day and ten-day intensives. The longer the retreat, the deeper the healing, and the more profound the connection becomes to your soul. You get to meet, greet and experience the soul that you truly are!


For More Information Please Contact Kathryn at (951) 313-8541 or by email:

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Thanks to the Healing Heart Retreats

“My whole life has changed. I am no longer dependent on another for security. I have realized my life dream.” ~ (JH)

“For the first time I’m truly beginning to feel like I have a spiritual purpose to my life.” ~ (MB)

“My business has more than doubled. I am now making more money than I thought possible.” ~ (NS)

“Kathryn Leeman has been a very important part of my spiritual growth for over 17 yrs. now. Helping with personal issues, marital issues and the loss of my only child. Her private sessions, women’s groups, and Healing Heart Retreats are by far the best available anywhere, mainly because she truly does care about the person or persons she is working with. Many blessings to Kathryn and her work.” ~Vicki Ellis-Ehresman, Eagle Heart Dancing

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