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“The Fire of Remembrance©…” An Inner Journey
Guided Meditation by Kathryn Leeman, Ph.D.

The Fire of Remembrance© CD is a guided meditation that helps you to remember why you came to planet Earth. Your purpose isn’t a specific kind of career. It is a deep longing to contribute in some way to life. How you do that through a job is your free will choice. Continued use of the CD will take you further into your higher conscious mind to reveal more details. It is designed for beginner through advanced meditator’s. Feedback through email, telephone or letter is greatly appreciated, and will be taken into consideration for the next CD’s to follow soon.


“Through the practice of meditation with Fire of Remembrance, I journey to sacred places where my spirit becomes one with the universe. As I leave my body on the sandy shore next to the crackling fire, I soar through the galaxies to my soul star and drink of the nectar of intuitive knowledge. I return filled with love, clarity and compassion. Each sojourn deepens my appreciation of self and the gift of my essence on this planet. I give thanks for Kathryn’s melodic voice and loving heart that invites my soul to dance with the stars. I am grateful for this mediation that simplifies the challenges of daily life and illuminates the purpose of my being.” ~ DS

“I have really enjoyed this cd. It helped me through many nights when I am lying in bed with alot of pain. I just put this cd on and it helps me take my mind off of it. Usually I do not like guided meditations, but this one is just so peaceful and calm and it is so detailed that you can really picture myself on the beach, and the fire, and all of the different colors. It is so wonderful and calming, as it helps relax all my muscles and reduce the pain.” ~SL in Ellsworth, ME

The title “The Fire of Remembrance”, the recorded CD, and associated cover graphics are ©2004 Kathryn Leeman

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You can also order by calling me or sending me an email at:

Redlands Holistic Health Center
826 Brookside Avenue – Suite G – Redlands, CA 92373
(951) 313-8541
Please keep checking back I will be adding more guided meditations as they are released.
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