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What a loaded word that is – Truth! Who has the truth – you, me, them (public opinion, family, etc)? People can frequently get into shouting matches about what is really the truth? We have to have juries to sit and listen to everyone’s perspective to try and figure out the truth! Then every religion claims to have THE truth. We are taught in school that our history books are truthful accounts of the past, only now to be challenged. I could go on and on. Studies have shown that people who are adamant that they saw something happen and it is the truth, discovered later that the incident did not quite happen that way.

So many times throughout my life, I have asked various people, my soul, the Divine: What and Where is the Truth?! My entire life has revolved around seeking the answer! So let me share a perspective I have at the current moment on truth vs Truth.

For me truth is personal. It deeply resonates in the core of my Being. Of course my Ego would love to say “IT” has the truth. Yet, when a gut knowing, which is beyond the mind, makes itself “heard”, I know that I need to listen to that inner truth. Otherwise, I regret it later!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, which is usually what they feel is true for them. Truth (with a capitol T) however, is a fact that remains constant. For instance: I am a Human Being, not a dog or cat; I am subject to the laws of Gravity – (at least for now 🙂 , etc.

So, before we run off claiming what the truth/Truth really is, perhaps we need to slow down and reflect on the fact that 95+ percent of it is really only a matter of personal and conditioned perspectives. And that’s the TRUTH! (or is it?) 🙂


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